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Upcoming Events
China Fire (Beijing) 2019
We are going to participate in one of the biggest Fire Safety tradeshow in China, showing FirePro products at China Fire (Beijing) from 16th to 19th October, and introduce the innovative technology of it, as well as their advantages and applications. Audience will have a better understanding towards the whole series of FirePro products and the solutions they have provided. We are looking forward to discuss further about the creative break through in safety industry.
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EcoExpo Asia (HK) 2019
Visit us at Booth No. 3-G21! (30/Oct - 2/Nov - AsiaWorld-Expo) We are going to advice you on highly effective water-saving cleaning machines, eco-friendly chemicals and water saving products. We have the following product: Cleanfix, Propelair, hycleaner, Duop...Please feel free to discuss with us to address your concerns!
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Opening of Medical Fair 2019
We are attending Medical Fair again. This year we are introducing new products such as Novafon Vibration Therapy, Inmu Sensory Stimulation Device, Maricare Fall Detection System and Ello Electric Rollator. Meanwhile, our long time products will be there to meet new visitors such as Aerolet Toilet Lift, Polytex Uniform Dispenser, iMop Auto Scrubber, Meritech Automatic Handwasher, Wrappon Auto Wrapping Toilet and SkyCeiling Virtual Window. Come and visit us at booth 3G-A07
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Product News
Frying Pearls
Frying Pearls are ceramic balls made with natural ingredients. Frying Pearls is easy to use, maintain quality of cooking oil while reducing smoke and splash during cooking process.
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Your night shift cleaner!
RA660 Navi is an autonomous scrubber dryer robot who works when or where nobody really wants to work. With precision sensors, mapping and programming, it cleans consistently every time at optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
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No more Rocking tables with NoRock
NoRock, designed in Australia is a collection of award winning Self-stabilising table bases. Esplanade, Terrace, Avenue, Trail and Parkway, this collection of exquisite, stylish yet practical table bases expands your restaurant/cafe/hotel's customer experience.
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Project News
Work smarter, starting with this Pole
Last time we showcased cleaning of skylight without having to break a sweat. Not enough? This time we cleaned a curtain wall 8m and higher with Ionic's Vertigo pole. Accompanies by Task, the set allows you to go anywhere without water access to clean windows up high from the ground. All these equipments can be stored in a mini-van, its mobility means you can move from job to job quickly, as time = money for your business.
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Systemclip displays at our showroom
Ever thought about a wall renovation that takes less than a day to complete? Thought about future renovation that just takes a few personnel simply by replacing panels? Serastone's Systemclip answers all that questions. In our office & showroom, we're showcasing the whole range of Serastone's Systemclip installations. From Tabique (Decorative Wall) with pop-up effect, Tabique Giratorio the spinning partition, Cortina Vegetal the partition with planter and Tabique (Column) demonstrating its further ability to cover up existing untreated columns, walls and structures.
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Cleaner's best friend
In the picture, our colleague is not Hercules. It is the powerful design of Vertigo. Vertigo, by Ionic is a cleaning pole that is lightweight and strong. Allowing user to clean surfaces to up to 7 storeys. This saves the cost of lift operation and rental as well as reducing the safety factor of working above ground.
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