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Thank you for your support at Retail Expo
The past week was the Retail Expo held at HKCEC with HOFEX. The reactions were largely positive, thanks to your support. This exhibition we focused rather on cleaning solutions because, (we live in Hong Kong and) we noticed the increasing problems of cleaning quality and efficiency. This may be work labour, misuse of products or methods or even the overall cleanliness that customers or even managers may find it hard to tolerate. It is our aim, to promote the right way to clean, for everyone who shares the environment and for the environment itself. Hence we started #Cleantherightway We are delight we managed to speak with so many visitors from different industries. This is a sign of HOPE!
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Retail Asia Conference & Expo 2019
Visit us at Booth No. 5C-132! We are going to offer you the best solutions to your problems in cleaning, both without harsh chemicals and with precise chemicals. We are excited to share technologies and insight to ease your burden! #Cleantherightway #scienceofcleaning
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Medical Fair 2019
Come visit us in HKCEC at booth 3G-A07 for our innovative technologies that improves productivity for caregivers, enhances hygiene and enrich patient privacy without compromising on safety. Seeing is believe - Come and try the demo yourselves and let us know how you feel.
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Product News
Clean like a royalty
Clean at ease with Ionic Systems. This week we have visited the HQ of Ionic System in UK, learning their core window cleaning technology and techniques. The products of Ionic Systems consist of two critical parts that is transforming the window cleaning industry. Their van-mounted 7-step ultra pure hot water distribution system and their Reach and Wash cleaning pole that allows cleaner to reach up to 7 storeys. The combination of both means faster and higher quality cleaning, making cleaning safer, more comfortable and mostly importantly profitable.
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Ello my friend!
Ello Rollator is our latest healthcare/wellness product. Ello is a unique walking assistant for people with weak leg muscles or on recovery from injuries. It is a battery powered rollator, whereas all rollators up to now are just metal frames on wheels pushed by user. Ello solves the common problems users face with conventional rollators, such as braking downhill, ascending uphill and overcoming kerbs and edges. Together with its chic black design and the latest intelligent technologies, Ello reinvents the concept of Rollators.
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A new member!! Name is RA660 Navi
Cleanfix's RA660 Navi has joined our line up of cleaning equipments! The RA 660 Navi can be deployed where cleanness and hygiene really matter and it has to be cleaned cost-effectively. Equipped with a unique patented navigation system, three cleaning brushes (or pads) and a suction unit, RA 660 Navi scrubs and vacuums independently and highly efficiently whenever you want.
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Project News
Keystone for VTC
International Culinary Institute is part of the Vocational Training Council (VTC). Established in 1982, the VTC is the principal vocational and professional education and training provider in Hong Kong and the region, with over 200,000 students studying across 13 member institutions. TVB News reported the new ICI was operational at Pokfulam on October, 2018. The facilities include a Hydroponic System (Keystone Technology) for the multi-purpose kitchen. Delta Pyramax is responsible for supply the hydroponic systems (Picclo & Desktop model) to ICI. Keystone Technology is coming from Japan which is environmentally, hygienic and high nutritional. Hydroponic is a viable method of producing vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. The demand for locally grown produce has risen dramatically. Growing these crops hydroponically is a very efficient means of meeting that demand. Hydroponic can grow anywhere and any season, the system is conserving water and harvesting is easier. Its practice can yield excellent results in short span of time with proper knowledge and techniques.
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Aeroseal installed in CRC Hotel
Sealing ductwork used to be a huge hassle – messy mastic paste and tape that never seem to really do the job right. With Aeroseal, you can enjoy all the benefits of duct sealing without the mess: • Increase Your Comfort • Lower Energy Consumption • Improve Air Quality • Pre & Post Leakage Measurements! This latest innovation from Delta Ducts Systems Limited is currently installed in CRC Hotel, WanChai. The project is operating together with our partner - Alliance Contracting. The project started in August. It has brought significantly positive effect to the hotel’s leakage problem. Before it’s installed, there was a hole sized at 2902cm². It had 10276.7 L/s of leakage. But after one week the project had been running, the size of the hole had sharply reduced to 158.6 cm²; the leakage had also dropped to 316.7 L/s. The project is still on-going. With the stats generated, we believe aeroseal would definitely solve the problem.
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Automated Textile Management in Casinos
Having the ability to provide management with real-time monitoring and control of uniform inventory, the Polytex System minimizes inventory costs and storage space through facilitating the dispensing and return of non-personalized uniforms. We are delighted the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in Macau welcomed the System and we hope to have more installations in Macau in the future.
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