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World Water Day 2019
World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater. This day is an opportunity to learn more about water related issues, be inspired from Smixin.
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Christmas Party 2018
Christmas this year was as lively as usual, our company held a Christmas party, colleagues brought their families and we celebrate together. We have beautiful decorations, lucky draw and delicious food. In the atmosphere of fun and joy, we felt the warmth as a big family and welcome the New Year together.
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Annual dinner 2019
On 2019/1/11, we held an annual dinner to celebrate our success in the past months and to welcome a new start ahead. We are as diligent as bees which work together to create a powerful team. We have numerous fruitful experiences throughout the year which definitely helped us to improve continuously. We are also delighted and proud to present our recipients for Long-Service Award: Ms. Chingmy Chui (25 years), Mr. Teddy Tang (25 years), Ms. Rebecca Choi (25 years), Mr. Edward Poon (10years) and Mr. Calvin Wong (10 years). Thanks you all, we are honored to have you as our colleagues. Your contribution and hard work throughout all these years are priceless and highly appreciated. We all will keep up serving our customers with quality service as always and strive for the best!
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Product News
FirePro for Normally Occupied Areas by EPA
The US EPA decision, published in the US Federal Register Vol. 83, No. 193 on Thursday, October 4, 2018, confirms that the FirePro condensed aerosol fire suppression agent (indicated as Powdered Aerosol E) has successfully passed the review for physiological effects and that it is now listed as acceptable for use in total flooding fire suppression applications, in “Normally Occupied Areas”. The pre- and post-activation constituents of FirePro (Powdered Aerosol E) have a negligible Global Warming Potential, lower Climate Impacts and shorter ALT (Atmospheric Life Time) than those predicted for other substitutes and other commonly used substitutes such as halocarbon agents. Thus, according to the EPA the use of FirePro (Powdered Aerosol E) would result in substantially less harm to the climate and ozone layer than the continued use of commonly used ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) substitutes as total flooding agents.
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6 Tradeshows in 4 Weeks!
Delta Pyramax attended 6 tradeshows in 4 weeks in 4 cities – Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) in Singapore on 24-27 April, IE Expo in Shanghai on 3-5 May, Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair in Hong Kong on 7-9 May, Build4Asia in Hong Kong on 9-11 May, Gourmet Asia in Hong Kong on 9-11 May, China Restaurant Expo in Guangzhou on 23-25 May. The company had showcased and demonstrated their hottest products in the tradeshows. Here’s some highlights: Mr. Allan Young from Gripple Ltd., held a talk which sharing the famous suspension wire system in the Build4Asia Conference. Our famous automated handwashing machine, Smixin, was awarded the “Diamond Award” (the only official sponsored handwashing machine). Meritech made its debut in Singapore in FHA. At Delta Pyramax’s stands, our fellow colleagues offered insights on the presentation and conversations with the visitors and buyers, government representatives and other industry associates in the region. They also paid great effort as well in booth designs and technical supports. Delta Pyramax wishes to extend its gratitude to all of our teammates for their assistance throughout the event and dedication to promoting the brand.
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Floor Care & Cleaning Technical Seminar
Recently, Delta Pyramax held a presentation and updates on their Floor Care & Cleaning products at Business Environment Council auditorium on 30 Jan 2018 with the topic “No chemical, water saving solution for cleaning”. Delta Pyramax’s product manager, Mr. Clement Cheng, had joined forces with Ms Barbara Lung, Ms Heidi Chan and Mr. Tong Chan, our senior sales engineer. Their presentations included live demonstrations of Excentr, HTC and irange, aimed at exhibiting the products’ non-toxicity, non-conductivity and environmentally friendly properties. The company wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to Business Environment Council for their impeccable organization of this presentation as well as for their wonderful hospitality.
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Project News
Invited as speaker for HKHA
This year Delta Pyramax was invited to attend the Executive Housekeeping Meeting hosted by Hong Kong Hotel Association. The event took place in Hong Kong Hotel Association Conference Room on 22/Nov/2017. The meeting is one of the biggest conventions where fifty audiences from the committee and attendants from over 20 hotel groups. The meeting brought together the hotel practitioners from all around the Hong Kong for the opportunity to enjoy productive networking sessions with the committees of the association, and learn about the latest housekeeping news and developments. The invited speakers from Delta Pyramax, namely Mr. Clement Cheng, Mr. Tong Chan, Mr. Teddy Tang, Ms. Stephanie Chan, Mr. Ivan Lee, Ms. Barbara Lung, had introduced the hot products to the audiences with the topic “Work Smart, Work Safe, Work Happily – Reduce your cost by investing in efficiency”. We’re happy to see they found it innovative and suitable. The products being introduced includes “Excentr”, the flooring machines, “Freshwave”, the natural odor eliminator, Polytex, the automated textile management system, Sanipill, the pillow sanitizer by ozone, and Imop, the smart floor cleaner. They shared, demonstrated at the conference and offered their insights on housekeeping for hotel practitioners. Attendees later in the conference had the opportunity to take a trial of the products. As a foot, but nonetheless very important, note is that a special thank you is also due to the Executive Housekeeping Committee from Hong Kong Hotel Association for the brilliant work done to bring to the conference.
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JLL Annual Engineer Conference
In 2015, samples of potable water in Hong Kong were found to contain excessive levels of heavy metals including lead, nickel and cadmium. Such findings caused widespread crisis within the city and management companies face challenges in tackling the issue. Invited by Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services Limited (JLL), we participated in their Annual Engineer Conference, sharing the philosophy and knowledge of Viega applications in P&D installations as well as providing demonstrations.
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Greaselock-Venetian Grand Orbit
Congratulations to our Macau office! First Greaselock filter installation at Venetian Grand Orbit! Greaselock is the first patented completely disposable grease filter for kitchen exhaust systems, and Delta Pyramax has been the distributor for Greaselock. Greaselock offers these benefits: (1) Reduce potential fire risk. (2) Save on exhaust system cleaning. (3) Save on water and chemical consumption. (4) Reduce energy costs. For more information, please visit our website (Products > Environment >Greaselock) or (Products > Kitchen > Greaselock)
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